Martell’s Accounting & Tax L.L.P

We offer virtual services anywhere in the USA and in-person services in Kansas City.

About Us!

We are a company with over 15 years of experience in insurance, accounting, certification (IRS), real estate and other tax services. We have a team of professionals ready to attend all your requests.

Maydelin Martell

CEO of Martell's Accounting & Tax L.L.P

Recognized in the industry with over eighteen years of experience, she has been helping clients as an Insurance Broker, Bookkeeper, Certified Agent (IRS) professional and a Real Estate Agent. Maydelin graduated from Kansas Community College and is currently enrolled in Asbury Theological Seminary.

Lisbet Morales

General Manager

Lisbet, a very dedicated supervisor, began to be part of the Martell’s Agency team in 2010, since then she has been growing as a professional woman. Thanks to her motivation and professionalism, she helps clients with their queries, offering a personalized service to create trust with clients. Lisbet is originally from Cuba, she grew up in the United States, she has always worked with the Hispanic community and considers that the most important thing is to create a bond with clients so that they feel comfortable and cared for professionally.

Frances Cardona

Bookkeeper and Customer Assistant

She is an experienced assistant and bookkeeper in the financial industry, ready to help at any time. He has more than 8 years in this profession. He does his job professionally with the best attention our clients have ever received.

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